The Community Support Program (CSP) is a year-round foot patrol team promoting well-being and safe streets for everyone.

Since 2012, Community Support officers – easily recognized by their sharp red and navy uniforms – have patrolled Saskatoon’s three central business districts (BIDS) offering outreach services, support to local businesses, directions, and tourist information.

The CSP team works five days a week to provide a safe environment for everyone to experience the arts and culture, unique shops and dining locations in the Downtown, Riversdale and Broadway BIDS.

We’re here to help. You might see someone in distress. Maybe you’re lost. Perhaps you’ve seen negative street activity, and you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. You can call us at 306.382.6935, and we’ll be there to help you out.


We address a variety of concerns and calls for service involving:

Community outreach

Advocating for vulnerable community members

Substance use and public intoxication

Minor disturbances

Suspicious persons and loitering

Safety education


City bylaw information and enforcement

Deterring negative street activity

Providing directions and business information

Needle pick-up

People exhibiting behaviors typical to those dealing with mental illness

The Community Support Program is a proud member of the Safe Communities Action Alliance, and we want to hear from you.

The Community Support Program strives to operate with the highest of ethical standards and delivery of service. If you believe this has not occurred and wish to file a formal complaint, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the Feedback Form.

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