who WE ARE

We are a team of six civilian officers who conduct year-round foot patrols in the three Business Improvement Districts of Downtown, Riversdale and Broadway, in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In May of 2020 we introduced our bike patrol unit operating in the spring and summer months. Through street outreach we connect with vulnerable community members affected by mental health, addictions and homelessness. We collaborate with community agencies to provide access to relevant services such as food, shelter, health care and crisis counselling.

We facilitate partnerships with the business community and general public regarding concerns of street safety. We respond to requests regarding relevant bylaw enforcement, minor disturbances, public intoxication and other negative street activity.

Our presence in the community prevents unnecessary use of emergency services.

We operate under a Memorandum of Agreement entered into by Downtown Saskatoon and the City of Saskatoon. We are employed by Downtown Saskatoon with oversight from the following organizations:


Map showing the areas we patrol in – can be provided to you


2021 CSP Annual Activity Summary Report

community support program, CSP, Saskatoon
Community outreach, community support program, CSP, Saskatoon


  • Provide uniformed presence and improve the perception of safety in Saskatoon
  • Facilitate positive partnerships with local businesses, citzens, and community agencies in order to identify potential issues, trends and areas of concern
  • Build trusting relationships with vulnerable community members to assist them in addressing their needs.
  • Work with service providers to provide supports to people in need and address root causes of negative street activity
  • Identify gaps in services

Community Support Officers are a great resource for bylaw questions and concerns. We are designated by the City of Saskatoon as Bylaw Enforcement Officers for the following: